Vision and Mission (Zoology)

“Tamso Maa  Jyotirgamya”

 To create an innovative atmosphere for teaching and learning to achieve excellence in biology education. Leading to the sustainable development of the society




The department promote the discovery and broad knowledge about the biology of animals, evolution and their environments. The holistic development of the student and make them able to contribute effectively for their welfare and society in this dynamic era.



Our mission is to offer high quality education dedicated to building minds with social and moral responsibility. We are committed to educating the students beyond the confines of a class room to make them better individuals and develop their personalities, enabling them to face the challenges of the modern world .


  • Conducting educational tour to giving exposure to the students by visiting Animal park, dairy industry, Sericulture, fisheries, poultry forms, zoo etc.
  • To motivate students to conduct seminars, workshops on the topics included in the curriculum. It will help in achieving academic excellence and exposure.
  • To provide a comprehensive training in theoretical and practical Zoology and Environmental Biology to students.
  • To equip students with adequate practical skills that will enable them function productively in society.
  • To produce leadership in science and technology.
  • To sensitize human society for animal welfare, conservation and protection of biodiversity.
  • To create awareness of INSITU conservation of wild life.
  • To develop the attitude of the students to concentrate on applied science aspects
  • Transform society through the empowerment of women
  • To develop research aptitude and a scientific advancement.

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