Neeta Jouhar
Lt. Neeta Jouhar
NCC Coordinator
National Cadet Corps, is a uniformed tri service (Army, Navy, Air Force) voluntary organization administered by Defence Ministry, with a motto of “Unity and Discipline”, channelizing the force of vibrant youth in Nation building ever since 1948. NCC is operating in 17 State Directorates, 98 Group headquarters and 825 Units.
NCC syllabus has evolved as an integrated program based on three year basic course at the University level, adding the advantages of excursive adventurous training & camps for students and leading to all round development in their personality. Passing of ‘B’ & ‘C’ certificate exams at the second and third year of training extends advantageous opportunities for recruitments in armed forces and other sectors. NCC camps play vital role in national integration through coalesce living in cadets coming from different social background. Core value of NCC is to induce patriotism, and teach duties enshrined in Indian Constitution. The ultimate aim of this organization is to
blossom leadership, comradeship, courage, sportsmanship, secular outlook and an ideal of selfless service. University grant Commission & Directorate General NCC is collaborating to apply NCC as general elective credit course (GECC) in schools and colleges in the next academic session.
Precisely, it was a proud moment when NCC Unit under ‘Army Wing’ was included in the curriculum of our college on 16th October 2015 under the aegis
of 7 CG Battalion NCC Bilaspur (HQ Raipur, MP & CG DTE). 54 vacancies including 30% Girl cadets are ensured in college. Cadets are enrolled from first year of degree classes from all streams. Our wards embraced NCC with full
enthusiasm, fervour and gaiety.

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