Department at a Glance (Political Science)

Govt Pataleshwar College Masturi was established in the year 1988 with an adornment of being an ivory tower to educate and provide an incubator for scholarly activities, producing trained work force in rural area with a noble efforts of State Government. Initially the institute was proclaimed as an arts college where Political Science was served as an elective subject in under graduation program.

Study of Political Science focuses on the theory and practice of working Government and its applied practices at local, state, national and international level. The subject is highly popular amongst the students of this region as majority of the students opt for it in Undergraduate level. Also, it has major impact on their political and social environment as it approaches their mind scientifically as to ‘how power authorities, ruling constitution, applied theories and laws affect every individual as well as cumulative life’. Since, government operates human lives on their daily basis; its study seems addictive and interesting at the same time. The department of Political Science in college has the learning goal of acquisition of specialized knowledge in the subject, encouraging research activities and developing general skills for their higher studies and further improving employment status.

In 2008 government facilitated PG program in Political Science with 20 seats in the institution, fulfilling the demands of humanity students. At present, the total number of admission in UG program in Political Science is 450 (including girls and boys). We aspire for increasing seats for PG program as well, so that more and more students are benefitted in their career prospects in Political Science; whether it is civil services, political scientist, journalism or any other fields.

Before 2008 the number of faculty sanctioned in the college was just one professor, but with an advent of PG program in Political Science, another post for professor was created. Currently, the office bearer at the department are Dr.(smt). Sujata samuel as HOD of the Dept. and Smt Kanti, Anchal as an assistant professor.

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