SWOC (Political Science)

SWOC Analysis:


  1. Highly qualified, experienced and energetic faculty member supporting students financially and emotionally during their admission.
  2. Majority of students opting for the subject will help them fight UPSC and State PSC exams.
  3. All sanctioned posts are filled by the permanent teachers.
  4. The repo of the college as oldest, most trusted and renowned center of education.


  1. Teacher student ratio is very high.
  2. Lake of sufficient classroom for teaching.
  3. Students have average potentials and rural background bar their socio-economic progress.
  4. Non- awareness and lack of interest among students regarding research work hinders their progress.
  5. Books and research generals are insufficient for promotion of research work.


  1. Confidence building through seminars and group discussions and personality development through interactive sessions.
  2. Students are motivated and guided by faculty member for appearing in competitive exams, NET, SLET and other career prospects.
  3. Department assigns project work to students to showcase their talent and potentials.
  4. ICT projectors and social media platforms are adopted as teaching tools. Handouts are provided for personal note in preparing the exam.


  1. Career oriented syllabus as a suggestive to the Board member & selectors.
  2. To motivate students use digital platform for collecting information related to rural, national and international issues. Free access to Internet for students.
  3. Raising competitive edge amongst the students.

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