SWOC (Hindi)

SWOC Analysis

  • Strengths
  1. Highly qualified and experienced faculty member and Empathetic and Encouragin
  2. High demand ratio of the institute
  3. Enriched Library with good collection of standard books and
  4. Teacher deputed for Orientation and Refresher courses , Seminar , Workshop and Conferences are updated on the changing trends in education and related areas.
  5. Staff / Student feedback are considered for quality improvement.
  6. Timely internal student evaluations.
  7. Focus on learning centered education , participatory and interactive learning through assignment , seminars etc.
  8. Transparent admission process.


  • Weakness
  1. Teacher Student ratio is very high.
  2. Lack of proper classroom for classes.
  3. Students are from socio, economically and geographically backward region.
  4. Poor economic background of the students and of the locality is a constraint on the level of accessibility to various field of higher education . 40% students belong to economically weaker section of the society.


  • Opportunities
  1. The Department of Hindi will utilize the given by the UGC and through RUSA if proposed sanctioned
  2. Encouraging student for competitive examination and higher studies.
  3. Encouraging more collaboration for study and research at national level.
  4. Student have excellent opportunities to explore and participate in outreach programmes for the local communities.


  • Challenges
  1. Low enrollment
  2. Rural based students
  3. Irregularity in attendance
  4. To prepare infrastructure for further  expansion in enrolment of students.
  5. To develop a culture of learning in students and to improve learning students.
  6. To develop employability skill and entrepreneurial spirit in student.
  • Future plans of the department.
  1. Starting a department library
  2. To organize seminar workshop on different themes in feature
  3. To start research Centre .

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