Workshop/Seminar (Sociology)

Conf. /Seminar/Workshops/Webinar


  • National Workshop on “Saved Water’ Sponsored – UGC Bhopal 22.11.2012   as Convenor
  • National Workshop on “Migration problèmes and solutions of workers in Chhatisgarh ” Sponsored – UGC Bhopal 02 Dec.2015 as Convenor
  • National seminar on “Rashtra Vikas ke Vividh Ayam” Organized by IQAC and NAAC Committee of the college on February 2,2018 as Organising Treasurer
  • National seminar on “Recent Trends in Yoga: Socioeconomic, Scientific and Global Perspective” Organized by IQAC Committee of the college on February 11, 2020 as Organising Treasurer
  • International Webinar on ‘Kinnar wimarsh : Ek samajik chintan’’ on 14Aug.2020 as Organising secretary

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